Prof. Giuseppe Musumeci

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Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Musumeci B.S, M.S, Ph.D

Researcher Professor in Human Anatomy
Department of Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences
Human Anatomy and Histology Section

Scool of Medicine, University of Catania

Tel: +39 095 378 2043
Fax: +39 0953782046




Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 2009. Human Movement Science (Kinesiology), School of Medicine, University of Catania, Italy.

Master of Science (M.S.), 2004. Human Movement Science (Kinesiology), School of Medicine, University of Catania, Italy.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), 2002. Human Movement Science (Kinesiology), School of Medicine, University of Catania, Italy.



Giuseppe Musumeci was graduated with top grades in Human Movement Sciences (Kinesiology), majoring in Biomedical Sciences (Prevention and Adapted Physical Education) from Catania University Medical School (Catania, Italy). He was then awarded a four-year grant for a Human Movement Science Ph.D. (doctorate). Also he carried out his research activity at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (Maryland, USA); the AO Research Institute, Davos (Switzerland); and the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Medical University of Graz (Austria).

He is collaborating with several researchers and excellence centres in foreign and Italian universities. He is Principal Investigator or scientific collaborator in a number of Italian and international peer-reviewed research projects. Dr. Musumeci has been awarded national and international research prizes. He is a member in different Italian and international association of Anatomy, Histology, Kinesiology, Sport Medicine and Exercise. Since 2002 until today he has been Peer Reviewer in national and international scientific projects and in several international scientific journals, also he is editor in various international journals. Dr. Musumeci has been speaker and scientific director at several Italian and international meetings and co-author’s in several books manual regarding anatomy, kinesiology and musculoskeletal disorders. Prof. Musumeci have trained numerous Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows.



Dr. Musumeci's main research fields include the morphological, molecular and biochemical aspects of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal conditions and the relative effects of diet, ageing and physical activity. Further areas of interest include, tissue engineering for tissue regeneration, cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, neuroscience and cancer. In these fields Dr. Musumeci has investigated the biological, molecular, morphological and the histopathological characteristics of the tissues involved.

He has co-authored in several peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals. 



Key words

Anatomy, kinesiology, histology, histochemistry, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, histomorphometry, fluorescence and electron microscopy, anatomical pathology, tissue staining, apoptosis, cell biology, molecular biology, tissue engineering, muscoloskeletal disorders, rehabilitation, physical activity, aging, nutrition.

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